Lead Me to Zion Coloring Book
By Heather Molendyk

This Lead Me to Zion Coloring Book has been designed as a keepsake to reinforce the Bible teaching students have received at church or school or homeschool with Lead Me to Zion, the 40-week study of Covenant Theology which introduces children to the enduring covenantal love of God for His people throughout history. Students learn that God’s powerful love binds us forever to our Creator and that through Jesus Christ every promise of God is fulfilled.

Each drawing in the coloring book is a reminder of the corresponding lessons and Bible stories. References are given, so parents may continue to read the stories of God’s covenant love from the Bible with their children as they grow.

As a further reminder of God’s covenant promises throughout history, an illustrated poster based on O. Palmer Robertson’s The Christ of the Covenants is also available for the home.