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Welcome to CDM Training

Our aim at CDM is to come alongside churches by helping them cultivate a Word-based and relationally-driven ministry that strengthens their entire church. We equip churches with resources and training, encourage them with community, and inspire them with Biblical truth.

Below are video resources that can be purchased to view individually or as a group. We hope these resources will provide training and help in the ministry of your church.

Please Note: The recommended way to use our application for public showing is to login to our digital website using a web browser on a computer and linking that computer to a television or projector via HDMI or other cable that carries sound and image to the device.

Video Resources

What a Royal Mess—Susan Tyner

What a Royal Mess Video Lessons How do I get out of my life’s messes? How can I keep from getting in them? Can God use this mess for any good? Am I stuck in this forever? If you have ever sinned and then struggled with the mess that results, King Ahab’s story is for you. If you have made horrible choices and wonder if forgiveness is possible, then King Manasseh’s is for you. Or, if you are in a mess because of circumstances beyond your control, then King Hezekiah’s story is a must-read. What a Royal Mess! uses [...]

Hinged @ Home

Hinged@Home Video Lessons CDM planned Hinged Regional Women’s Conferences in 2020. We had the first Hinged Conference in Charlotte, NC…but then with COVID, we had to cancel the others. Because we wanted women to hear the excellent teaching, we put together Hinged@Home for churches to use with their women’s ministries. We are offering those videos—3 keynotes from the Charlotte conference—as well as videos from those who were going to speak at the other locations. We have also included Conversation Starters on various topics.

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