Beneath the Cross
Author: Lisa Wallover – PCA

Beneath the Cross provides the readings and structure for a moving and sacred Good Friday Tenebrae service. The repetition of three elements—Scripture, story, and song—poignantly retell the crucifixion events recorded in the four Gospels. The gradual dimming of lights and extinguishing of candles throughout the service creates a meaningful atmosphere for thought and reflection.

The Scripture readings are the Seven Last Words (statements) of Christ from the cross. The story readings represent people we find in the Gospels: each lived life at a distance, separated from family, community, and some, even from God—until they encountered Jesus. Their narratives reflect the impact Jesus’s specific words from the cross might have had on them, given their life stories. The songs (seven to nine pieces) are choral/musical responses to the specific Scriptures and stories and are a powerful element of the service.

Seven Readers (four men, three women)
Reading Time (without music): 15-20 minutes
Musical Selections are suggested.

Lisa Wallover loves writing and creating Gospel-centered resources for the local church. Married to PCA TE David Wallover, her experience includes church planting, communication coordination, teaching Bible studies, youth work, and writing curriculum and materials to meet a variety of congregational needs. The Post Tenebras Lux Series was created within the context of a local church community that deeply embraces the Gospel truth that God’s grace is greater than our sin, and shines brighter against the darkness.

Lisa also assists with Midwest Alliance Readiness Seminars for church planting couples, and is a member of the Parakaleo Leadership Community and the PCA’s WE (Wives of Elders) Connect Team.