What’s SHE Doing Here? – FAQ’s

How long will the videos be available? Free for the foreseeable future.

Can you do the Bible Study individually or as group? YES and YES! You can do it with women in your church, neighborhood or far away friends. I heard about a group of MTW missionaries who plan to study together and I loved the story of a grandmother who is doing it with her daughter and granddaughter. We have provided helpful tips and discussion questions. You could meet virtually or Lord willing in person. You could also do it individually at your own pace.

Is there any limit as to how many women can join? NO, the more the merrier!

How do I access the Teaching Videos? On the website, you will see links to weekly teaching videos.

How do I get my Bible Study Book? You can purchase your print copy at the PCA Bookstore. There is a bulk discount so buy for a group, save the shipping, and have a porch pick up.