PCA Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM) is to assist leaders in the local church as they make disciples (Matthew 28:19) among children, youth, and adults in the congregation. In 2014, the PCA General Assembly changed our name from Christian Education and Publications (CEP) to reflect better the broad nature of the ministry of discipleship in the local church. We seek to help by connecting people to people and people to resources. We do this through consultation, training events, conferences, and resources available on the website. Our hope is that God will use the ministry of CDM to help PCA members experience the great blessings of a connectional church as we seek to partner together to fulfill the Great Commission.



Our mission is to glorify God by serving the members and churches of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) as they seek to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). When the PCA began in 1973, the First General Assembly formed the Committee on Christian Education and Publications (now called Committee on Discipleship Ministries) to “assist … local churches in the task of learning and proclaiming the truth to the end that God’s people will be adequately equipped to do the work of ministry.” At its essence, discipleship is the process by which the Holy Spirit brings a sinner to a life-changing knowledge of Christ, using the Word of God and members of the Body of Christ. Discipleship goes beyond evangelism as it includes every aspect of a believer growing in his/her love for and obedience to Christ. In a local church, discipleship ministry is multi-faceted; therefore, the ministry of CDM covers five areas: ministry to children, youth, women, men, and seniors. We are committed to philosophies and practices that are grounded in covenant theology, whereby God reached out to his fallen creation and began a work of redemption through Jesus Christ. We seek to promote ministry that enables God’s people to engage a fallen world with a Christian worldview, thus participating in God’s work of redemption.



Our vision is to be a “hub” for resources (people and materials) that members in a local church can use as they seek to lead others to a deeper knowledge of Christ. We want to connect people with people and people with resources in order “to equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:12).



We connect leaders. God has blessed the Church with human resources. Our desire is to connect leaders with leaders and leaders with learners, so that resources can be developed and shared with the purpose of leading others to a deeper knowledge of Christ. We provide training. A follower of Christ is one who is always learning. CDM staff, trainers, and associates work with individuals and groups in local churches to improve the ministry of discipleship. We seek to help leaders identify best practices for their particular context and need. We provide resources. CDM desires to equip the members of the local church with quality materials for Bible studies, small group meetings, and educational programs. The PCA Bookstore is a ministry of CDM that provides books, materials, and curriculum for those serving in the local church. We also serve the PCA by overseeing the work of Great Commission Publications (GCP), which produces curriculum for children, youth, and adults. GCP is jointly owned by the PCA and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC).